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Socialite Photography

Immortalize your next event with one of our fantastic photographers. Our camera personalities will not only make your guests feel at ease, but will bring your event to a whole new level. Whether you choose to print your photographs on-site or have a CD sent to you after the event, we can shoot candid party shots or set up a portable photo studio complete with lighting.

The Dancing Boogie Heads 

It is absolutely hilarious! It is the ultimate party experience. There is non-stop laughter as you watch your co-workers, family, friends, and perfect strangers dance (and sing) to today’s most popular songs and yesterday’s oldies. We offer fun for the whole family. It can liven up any trade show, conference, business open house, birthday party, office party, church event, and fundraiser.

Using green screen technology Dancing Boogie Heads superimposes participants’ heads onto video bodies of professional dancers in music videos of popular songs.

Meanwhile the rest of the guests view a large screen monitor where they will see the melded images live.


Chroma-Key Photos 

Looking to turn a boring wall or conference center into something really cool? With our one-of-a-kind chroma-key photographer, he can shoot a picture of the subject in front of a green background and then put that person into any scene that he/she selects No matter what your theme...Hollywood, Western, Disney, Pirates, whatever! We have hundreds of great photos to choose from. These photos are printed in moments on high quality 5x7 photo paper with frames. Better yet, we can customize the text to fit the date, company name or any other information that you would like to have the recipient remember.

Photo Giveaways

Photo Keychains



Baseball Cards



Crystal Photographs

Key Chains

A photo live and have it inserted into a rectangular key-ring.

Green Screen Photos in 3D

Photos with a full 3D image! With vibrant realistic backgrounds!  Easily customizable!

Calenders and Schedules

Customized personal schedule/calendars for your photo on one side and events on the other! Great for college events, club functions and more!

Photo Viewers

Pocket sized momentos with a photo youve taken on-site!


Pictures pressed onto T-shirts! Great for event promotions, family reuinions and more!

Crystal Photos

Engraved photo taken on-site in a 3-D crystal.


Re-live that winter wonderland!

Team Calendars